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An Ordinary World: The Role of Science in Your Search for Personal Meaning by Todd Duncan

Summary: Behind all the ordinary concerns, struggles, and details of your daily life, do you believe there is a context within which it really matters what you choose to do? Modern science has revealed insights about the universe that were unimagined just a few generations ago. Surely some of these insights are important for understanding the overall context that gives meaning and significance to our lives. But science has acquired a reputation for dehumanizing the world, leaving us stranded and alienated in a universe for which our existence seems irrelevant. One reason for this is that some of the information uncovered by science has been destructive of many belief systems on which we traditionally base our sense that our actions matter. An Ordinary World outlines a way to approach scientific information from a more optimistic and constructive point of view. It suggests how to develop a perspective on science from which you can pursue your own search for meaning in a way that is consistent with a scientifically realistic map of the world.

  • The book can be ordered through Amazon. This is our primary fundraiser: All proceeds go toward developing and expanding our free public lectures and other Science Integration programs.

Food for thought:

"Regardless of different personal views about science, no credible understanding of the natural world or our human existence…can ignore the basic insights of theories as key as evolution, relativity, and quantum mechanics." - The Dalai Lama
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